Leadership Assessment

Combining the best tools, techniques and technology available to develop a fit for purpose assessment approach, aligned to pre-defined success criteria. Evidence-based feedback is provided to both individuals and the company to provoke insightful decisions.

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Leadership Development

Further to assessment, development is focused on bridging the gaps between current capability and defined success criteria. Typically, leaders participate in a programme where they are supported in addressing their development needs through self-realisation, action-planning and learning new skills, knowledge and behaviours.

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Succession Management

As a follow on from assessment and leadership development, Succession Management addresses the needs to identify leadership potential early, accelerate personal growth and prepare leadership for critical roles or new opportunities. This mitigates the impact from sudden exits of key leaders or business changes.

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Resilience Management

Some stress is inevitable with any human activity but with proactive and focused actions, both personal and organisational resilience can be enhanced. Any such programme can mitigate the risks of irrational and dangerous behaviours, will save costs, should increase productivity and will be a fundamental part of both attracting and retaining the best talent.

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AUSTEN ADVISORY is focused on helping people work to their potential in organisations. Managing human capital effectively can, at the very least reduce cost and ensure focus but at the other extreme, can be crucial to ensure business survival. The scope of services of Austen Advisory comprise;

  • Defining the criteria for selection and assessment of staff before they join, during their tenure and at a time of business change
  • Developing leaders that are aligned to strategy and can take the business forward in the short, and longer term
  • Ensuring succession for the future through early identification of talent and developing a coherent and rigourous plan to minimise business risk
  • Measuring and managing risk from stress using proprietary tool AURA to build organisational resilience
  • Coaching individuals to support change and maximise their potential

In applying the above, the aim is to use the best available approaches and tools to ensure fit for purpose solutions.

Our use of AURA has given us facts based evidence to develop resilience in our teams and tools to aid great conversations.

Laura Parsons  Laura Parsons - HR Business Partner, BBC Studios

AURA has enabled us to set a baseline and cadence for measuring and monitoring mental resilience so we can proactively take action to remedy areas where it is compromised on a personal and workplace level.

Madeline Stillman  Madeline Stillman - Head of People & Culture, Zipline

Rachel brings a highly professional approach to the projects she delivers; she is thorough, consistent and value adding.

Dr.Pearl John  Dr.Pearl John - Director

Rachel delivered high quality assessments, meeting our needs exactly – I very much look forward to working with her again.

Rhian Blaszkowicz  Rhian Blaszkowicz - Programme leader

As a course tutor, Rachel’s experience and quality was evident on the day. I was particularly impressed with Rachel’s knowledge and how she engaged myself and the other delegates.

Training Manager  Training Manager

Rachel went to all lengths to ensure the project was a success, managing all the stakeholder’s needs effectively and we look forward to partnering with her in future over the long term on future projects.

Leadership & Development Director Leadership & Development Director

This programme has been invaluable in helping understand how we see ourselves and help us understand ourselves. Through feedback from others as well as understanding my personality better, I am more focused on my development and can see clearly what I need to do.

Programme Participant Programme Participant

Highly appreciated Rachel’s professionalism in establishing criteria to meet future business needs in a form of developing competency model.

Siru Heino Siru Heino Client Director, Mannaz

Rachel is able to apply robust and proven methodologies to solve business problems. She is also a great pleasure to partner and work with.

Kwong Yee Kwong Yee Director

Rachel can always be counted on to deliver exceptional value to projects she is involved in. Her ability to clearly articulate solutions and support clients makes her an invaluable asset for the international projects we worked on together.

Alexa Ceschia Alexa Ceschia Programme director

Truly enjoy working with Rachel; she embodies a combination of high integrity, flexibility and professionalism, as well as easiness to work with.

Siru Heino Siru Heino Client Director, Mannaz

Rachel’s work helped increase the motivation, knowledge and goal setting skill sets of the young people. It will have an important impact on their ability to enter the workplace.

Jenny Bate Jenny Bate Programme Manager, KELY Support Group
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